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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Remember When: Grandma

This is my grandma, Jennie. She was born in 1902 and grew up in Southwestern Kansas.
She saw a lot of changes during her lifetime. She learned to crawl in a dugout with floors covered in flour sacks sewn together by her mother, Nellie. Jennie liked to go out and dig in the sand hills outside their homes, with Nellie's silver spoons. Many of which are probably still out there.
Jennie had to walk to school, crossing numerous creeks. She'd stop after school at a neighbor's house. She said they had a bunch of kids and the mother would make biscuits and then gravy in a big iron skillet. Her father would pick her up on his horse and she'd ride home behind him.
She remembered taking a wagon to town when her father, Bert, bought her mother a stove. Jennie rode home with her Bert eating her first cheese.
Later Jennie pulled her own little wagon to the local store to deliver her mother's homemade bread.
Even if you don't know the specific stories of your ancestor's lives and how they changed you can figure out the changes they saw by studying history. First cars? Electricity and plumbing? Telephones? (Nellie was one of the first telephone operators in the area.)
Memoir Prompts:
Did you grow up with black-and-white or color television?
When did you first start wearing make-up?
What is your favorite tree?
Did you keep a diary or journal as a teenager?
Tell a story about being with one of your grandmothers.
Did you watch Mr. Magoo or the Pink Panther? Or another cartoon show?
Do you prefer popcorn or peanuts?