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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Remember When: Birthdays

Last week was my husbands birthday. We don't usually do much with gifts but we do enjoy going out to eat. We've always chosen where we want to go on our birthdays but this year I felt like trying something different.

I didn't tell Doug where we were going until we got in the car and then I only said Fashion Square Mall. He made a few guesses because he knows the area so well, and one was right but I didn't tell him that until we were about there. Then I admitted we were going to P. F. Chang's.
We always go early so there are no crowds and enjoy a nice quiet meal.
Then we go "walk it off."
We had never been to the Scottsdale Waterfront so that was our destination after the meal, part of my plan since it is all one big connected area.
They have taken what was once the canal and built up around it and added artwork and pathways and shops and made it into a great place to relax.
Doug, who is an Arizona native, gets a kick out of that but I figure it's good somebody finally did something with what was once ugly wasted space.
People bring their dogs, bicycles and jogging shoes and it was quite an experience.
One piece of artwork caught my eye so I had to get a photo of the pony express.
Doug pointed out the Hashknife brand on one of the horses, something he learned about by reading my post here.

He was pretty proud of himself.
We walked around and window shopped and ended up over at Fashion Square which I hadn't been in since our daughter worked there in high school.
We were still full from dinner so we bought a couple of sodas and pie to go at one of the shops and brought it home. He had apple and I had coconut cream. Yummy.
We had a wonderful evening and Doug said the element of surprise just added to the "specialness."

By the way, anybody for a penthouse?

Memoir Prompts:
Describe a special birthday you planned for someone.
Describe  special birthday somebody planned for you.
Do you pick up pennies, dimes, nickles on the sidewalk
or just pass them by?
What type of outdoor art do you enjoy?
When was the last time you rode a bicycle?
Do you remember your first bike?
How do you react to panhandlers?
Have you ever panhandled yourself?