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Thursday, April 18, 2013

P = Palo Verde and Palm Trees: A to Z Blogging Challenge

  Palo Verde translates as “green stick” which is an apt description of this native Sonoran Desert tree as every part from the smallest twig to the trunk is green. The blooms however are bright yellow and become a beautiful part of the landscape every spring. When the blossoms fall they leave a puffy yellow carpet across streets and yards.

The palo verde became the official state tree of Arizona in 1954. The seeds were used to make flour by the Pima and Papago tribes of the area.

I will forever remember the first time we arrived in Phoenix. It was 1967 and my mother and I were making the move from Kansas to the Valley of the Sun. I was fascinated by palm trees, which lined the streets in stately rows.

As many palm trees as there are in Phoenix all of them are imported and there are three major species. They are the Mexican Fan Palm, the Date Palm and the Queen Palm. One fun story is that workers in the area of Cave Creek sat along a ditch eating dates for their lunches and throwing the seeds over their shoulders. There is now a long row of palms along that ditch

This brings us to another of the Five C's of Arizona economics: Climate. Tourism is one of the main industries and that is fueled by our wonderful climate.

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