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Saturday, April 13, 2013

L = London Bridge: A to Z Blogging Challenge

 The London Bridge, or at least a bridge in London over the Thames River, goes back to the Roman period with many bridges and variations over the hundreds of years until the next to the last bridge was started in 1825.

The New London Bridge was opened by William IV and Queen Adelaide in 1831 and the prior bridge torn down. It was built from granite from Dartmore and included five arches and was 928 feet long and 49 feet wide.

London Bridge courtesy the Library of Congress.

Traffic became so heavy the bridge was widened in 1902. In 1962 it was learned the bridge was sinking into the Thames due to the unplanned for increase in traffic. The City of London put the 130-year old bridge up for sale and Robert P. McCulloch founder of Lake Havasu City, Arizona became the owner.
It took three years to move the bridge to Arizona and on September 23, 1968 the Lord Mayor of London laid the corner stone in its new home. Meanwhile, a new bridge was built over the Thames so Londoners never lost their way across the famous river.
The London Bridge at Lake Havasu City was dedicated in 1971 and the city has become a popular resort with an English village adding to the appeal. It is a popular spring break attraction and draws visitors from all over the world. Originally planned as a retirement community the city still attracts numerous winter visitors.

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