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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D = Dan Dowd: A to Z Blogging Challenge

 Dan Dowd and four others rode into Bisbee, Arizona in December 1883 to hold up the Goldwater-Casteneda Store. During the robbery the men stationed outside the store opened fire, killing five people including a pregnant woman.

Dan Dowd, Red Sample, Bill Delaney, Tex Howard, and Dan Kelley rode hard through Tombstone Canyon and disappeared into the night. A long and exhausting manhunt led to the capture of the men along with John Heath who was later implicated in the planning of the robbery. The five robbers were sentenced to hang but since John Heath hadn't been a part of the shootings he was only convicted of robbery. The men were held in the Cochise County Courthouse in Tombstone.

Angry over the lesser conviction for Heath a mob of Bisbee residents rode to Tombstone, dragged him from the jail and hung him from a nearby telegraph pole.
Heath was the only illegal lynching in the Town to Tough to Die.

Dowd, Sample, Delaney, Howard and Kelley were executed on the grounds of the courthouse and they along with Heath were buried in the cemetery now known as Boothill.
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