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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C = Cactus: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Cactus can be found throughout most of Arizona. They come with names as picturesque as the desert itself: teddy bear cholla, prickly pear, hedgehog, jumping cholla, barrel, organ pipe, Joshua tree and my favorite the giant saguaro cactus.

            Saguaro are large tree-like cacti that develop arms as they age. They have white flowers that form a crown at the top of each column or arm and have been named the state flower. They are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert. It is estimated they live as much as 150-200 years. They grow extremely slow but can reach as tall as 60 feet. Arizona has strict laws against harming or digging up the saguaro.

            The ribs of a dead saguaro are used to make fences and furniture.

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