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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B = Bumble Bee: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Bumble Bee is a ghost town that hangs out below the favorite I-17 stop of Sunset Point, approximately 50 miles north of Phoenix.
Bumble Bee was originally a military post set up around 1860. Although there has been gold found in the area Bumble Bee was primarily a stage stop; known then as Snyder's Station for W. W. Snyder, a local rancher.

The name was officilly changed to Bunble Bee when the post office was established on February 3, 1879. The old school still stands along with some other original buildings and a tourest set of an old western town. The location is privately owned.


  1. How very interesting. I never knew Bumble Bee existed, and I love learning new things. Thanks for this post. I'm an A-Z Challenger. Have a great day.
    Kathy (794 on the list)

  2. I watched a few westerns in my life. I saw Unforgiven which was kind of a western for law school graduation. I have enjoyed checking out your blog as part of the A to Z Challenge. I am glag I stopped by and learned about this place! (Janeane #819 on the list)

  3. That is an interesting post! Hopper from Blogging A to Z, started following you :)

    A Mom's Point Of View

  4. Just hopping around the A2Z blogs (thanks for visiting mine). I'm looking forward to more on Arizona. I visited Phoenix on business many years ago and loved it. Strangely, you have the exact same plastic figure set that my son had when he was younger! I can also remember testing my woodworking skills to the limits and building a "fort" - complete with stables, jail, bunk house (including bed) and locking gates! It is still in his room as I can't bring myself to throw it out.
    I was brought up more on Westerns than detectives - The Lone Ranger I remember in particular - and I seem to remember the Canonball Express (is that right) being a Western Style programme - and of course later on Bonanza, The Virginian, Alias Smith and Jones.....you have brought back some memories for me!

  5. That's really cool! Would love to see it someday.

  6. Wow, reminds me of deserted medieval villages in England. More to see but just as spooky.



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