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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Remember When: Pawnee Rock

This photo of Pawnee Rock, Kansas was taken around 1968. I loved this place. We often stopped here on our two hour drive from the town we lived in to visit my grandparents.
Here's a video I found on UTube.
I thanked the photographer for the memories. You can literally see for miles and miles. It was once a favorite landmark and stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

One year we went to an Easter Pageant at the monument. We all stood in the cold Kansas wind as they reenacted the Crucifixion and Rising. I can still picture those lonely crosses on the hill and "Jesus" coming up over the hill and down the side towards us. It was beautiful.
I loved to climb the spiral staircase and dream about Cowboys and Indians and my own ancestors riding that area. One of the visitors to the video stated the old stairs have since been removed. Sad, but I'm sure it wasn't the safest place and the way we raced around as kids there were probably many accidents.
Still, this is one of my favorite memories and maybe one day I'll be able to go back and visit.
Do you have pictures of a special place from your childhood?
Do you have special Easter memories?
Memoir Prompts:
Did you ever make blanket forts or houses by draping blankets over chairs and tables?
Describe some historical sites you have visited.
What is one of your family jokes?
Write about washing dishes.
What illnesses run in your family? Do you have a family medical record?
Write about a staircase you remember.
Describe in detail your favorite flower and any memories associated with it.