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Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Challenge

If you have been following me for awhile you will know I have a hard time ignoring a challenge.

This is the latest as posted today by Kelly Kilmer. I have followed Kelly on her blog, Facebook, and am taking one of her online classes.

Her challenge is to spend ten minutes a day doing something artsy. Ten minutes! That seems like so little, yet how often do we say we don't have time for art, or writing, or most of the things we enjoy.

Wanting to keep this challenge separate from my other work I made a simple booklet of drawing paper folded in half with a cover of watercolor paper for strength. (This didn't count for the ten minutes.) I also wanted it lightweight so I can throw it in my backpack to grab ten minutes during the day. A extra bit of challenge to myself.
I then found a focal picture and some backgrounds and glued them onto a page with a glue stick. That took me ten minutes and I have this art journal page started. The backgrounds are scrapbook papers and washi tape. The photo is from a magazine.
I'll share more as I do my ten minute spurts.
Thanks, Kelly. Love the challenge.