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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is an udu?

When I heard Marshall Shore speak at the Phoenix Writers Club meeting on Saturday I had no idea one of his comments would link to a performance I planned on going to last night.

Canyon Records, here in Phoenix, is the oldest independent recording studio in the country. They have long specialized in Native American music and one of their most popular artists is R. Carlos Nakai.

I've been planning on attending this performance with Nakai and Will Clipman at Barnes & Noble for weeks and had no idea this was the world release of their newest cd: Awakening the Fire.

I love Native American flute but last night I found myself drawn to the haunting sounds of a the collection of percussion instruments played by Will Clipman.
The most fascinating was the udu a ceramic instrument that comes from Nigeria.
He was kind enough to let me get his picture with his udu. I wish I could reproduce the sound as easily but it is on the cd.
While the music soared through the store I was suddenly reminded of my niece who was a fantastic flute player. She once told me she would love to hear R. Carlos Nakai play. I know she was there with us last night.
Before the performance I was telling Doug how much I want to visit the Musical Instrument Museum which is near our house and is an amazing place. I've heard so much about it but we either don't find the time (I've heard it takes a couple of days to really go through it) or we can't afford it.
We won two passes to MIM last night. I have a feeling my niece had something to do with that.
It was a wonderful evening and as the rain pours down outside I am reliving the evening with my cd.