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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remember When: Sharing

My oldest grandson and I have so much in common my daughter says that sometimes it is scary. GRIN!
We both LOVE paper, doodling, and now, pens.

His father got him one of those pens that has four or five colors and they change by clicking them.
He was telling me about his collection and I asked if he would like one from Arizona and he turned to his mother and said, "COOL!"

So Doug and I went looking for an Arizona pen. I was also determined to find a pencil shaped like a cactus. A favorite little gift for out-of-towners.
We struck gold with the following:

Isn't that pencil cool? I got one of those for his brother, too. Green for him.

I had also told the boys I would make them each a new scarf on my knitting loom since they liked the first ones so much. Alex wanted green and Brendan wanted red.
I couldn't find a light green I liked so I hope he likes this multi-colored one.
I sure do. I might have to go get another skein of this one.

If I get on a roll I can finish a scarf like this in an evening. It is so much fun.
Here's what the looms look like:
It all started because my friend C. B. was making socks. I haven't gotten brave enough to try something that complicated but I sure enjoy the scarves.
I enjoy wearing mine too. We've actually had enough cold weather here to wear them.
Being a long-distance Grammy isn't always easy but the boys sure enjoy the little things I send. Just like I enjoyed the Elvis magazine I received last week.
Have you sent a bit of joy lately?
Write about going to the dentist as a child.
Write about school clubs and organizations you were involved in.
What is something you can't live without?
Describe all the computers you have owned or used.
Did you ever go skinny dipping?
Have you ever been horseback riding?
Write about a snow day.