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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remember When: Research

This is a photo of my maternal grandparents. I remembered Grandma Jennie told
me it was their honeymoon in Spearville, Kansas.
Today I decided to do a little more research to find anything else I can.
I found the following notecards which show the Hotel Bunyan in Fowler, Kansas. 
The photos are here. I also found a history of the builder here. His name was William P. Bunyan
and his daughter, Hattie Maude, married Frank Van Ryper who is connected to my family
in a distant way.
I love finding all these little tidbits even though more questions come up in the process. More and more history including old photographs are showing up on the Internet. Take what you know and start Googling. You may find photos of where your ancestors lived. How cool is that?!
Memoir Prompts:
Where did your grandparents go for their honeymoon?
Write about a gift you wanted as a child but didn't get.
What is your favorite place to be on a rainy day?
Have you ever smashed a finger?
Write about a time you stayed in a hotel.
What are some things  you haven't forgiven?
What kind of art moves you?


  1. Great photo and story! I love old pictures, too. Most of the old ones I have don't have names or dates or anything written on the backs of them. That used to drive me crazy, but then I was guilty of the same thing! I wonder about digital photos being preserved. What will happen to them if the computer/laptop, etc they're on gets lost, or is broken? It almost makes me want to print all my digital ones....almost!

    1. As I go through all the old photos and scan them in I am making sure to back them up in various formats. On the computer, on a flashdrive, on a cloud. As computers come and go I have extras. Also, I've been told you can take all the old negatives in to someplace like Walgreens and they can put them on a cd for a reasonable price. That's on my list of to-dos.

  2. I love the photo, Rita! I'm going to have to think about the memoir prompts. These are wonderful and take much more thought than the usual set of ordinary prompts that seem to be recycled over and over throughout the web. Your prompts will definitely find their way into one of my journals!

    1. Copy them into a notebook as they come along and then when you have the urge answer them. Or copy them and train yourself to answer one a day. Thank you for the pat on the back.


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