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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remember When: Postal

Sometimes bad days change quickly. Like when a surprise package shows up in the mailbox.
That was how it happened on Friday.
This is what was in my box.
As a die hard Elvis fan a vintage magazine is a great gift. It came from my friend in Florida. We have been friends since 1965. She knows me well.
Thank you, Lydia.  
Also in the mail was the latest issue of the "Tombstone Times."
Including my latest article. I've been writing for them for over ten years and it still exciting to see my articles come out in print. You can learn more about this publication at "Tombstone Times"

And one last postal arrival was the latest issue of "Wild West" magazine.

I don't have an article in this issue but I have in the past.
All-in-all a good day at the post office
Tell us about a surprise that showed up in your mail box.


Describe a very proud moment.

What was the first thing you learned to cook.

Was there ever a fire in your home?

Write about a power outage.

Did you ever take anything that wasn't yours?

Did you ever take music lessons?

List the major stepping stones of your life.


  1. I stopped writing when I started my second notebook what I finally had to do was give myself permission to write less. I told myself I only have to write for a minute or two. It took the weight off even though most prompts lead me farther down the road I found it easier to get started "walking" again this way.

    1. Whatever works. We all have our ups and downs with writing. The main thing is to do something or time passes and you haven't done anything!

  2. Thanks so much for always posting the memoir prompts. I always write them down-not so good at actually doing them-but I have good intentions!! I hope you will one day compile them all in a book and sell it as a downloadable in your Etsy shop.

    1. I've been working on it, between other projects. I was going to do it in a different format. Hadn't really thought about on Etsy. I'll check in to that.
      Thanks, Janet. Happy Writing!

  3. There's nothing like going to the mailbox and finding something happy instead of bills. How nice of your friend to remember you.
    And that's great you had another article published!

    1. Lydia is very good about remembering things. Far better than I.

  4. Hi Rita, thanks for entering my giveaway!
    Good luck!



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