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Monday, February 25, 2013

Desert Nights, Rising Stars

I was so lucky to be able to attend the writer's conference at Arizona State University last weekend. Three days of listening to and hanging out with writers. The inspiration was visible on the faces of those attending.
After snow in Scottsdale earlier in the week the weekend was gorgeous and we were able to spend time around the fountain as we wondered back and forth between two historic buildings on the campus. I have always been in love with these buildings. Back when I was a student at ASU this was my favorite place to relax. The have refurbished them and the wooden staircases and window casings are wonderful.
What a perfect place to share our love of writing.
I have many things to share about what I learned and felt during the event but I'm still digesting (and recovering).
One highlight was asking Diana Gabaldon,
 best selling author of the Outlander series for a picture to send to my daughter-in-law. One of her biggest fans.
Diana was was most gracious.
Yvette, this one's for you.
(For those who aren't sure Diana is on the right.)
Excuse me while I go do some writing. So many ideas, so little time.