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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remember When: Shoes

I am in the local Starbucks having a nice hot chai. I looked forward to this all weekend to get caught up on writing and some computer work. However, it isn't going well.
Just as I got comfortable a family of five came in and sat in the big easy chairs next to me. At this point four of them are piled in one of the chairs looking a photos of an apparent gymnastics meet the son had this morning. Nice family togetherness.

However, the youngest daughter is on her own is wearing some white plastic boudoir type play shoes with fuzzies across the front. Dress up. Cute, but that plastic echoes on these ceramic tile floors and she is dancing and clicking and clacking all over the place. Bouncing up into the other easy chair which is right next to my table and I'm afraid my chai is going to end up in my lap or on my laptop.

There goes the chairs scrapping along the floor. Do I sound like an old crab? I feel like one, especially since I am very sensitive to sounds and I forgot my MP3.

I do remember wearing those little plastic dress-up shoes as a kid but I don't think I ever wore them out. Sometimes I'd try on my mother's high heels or perhaps my sister's cowboy boots. Today, I'm in my Keds and nice heavy, comfy socks.
Here I am with what were probably my first shoes.
After the family left there was a collective sigh of relief and other people commented on the noise level. I didn't feel so bad about complaining at that point.
Do you have a story to share about shoes?

Memoir Prompts:
Were you ever in a physical type fight?
Write about riding on a ferry, bus, train or plane.
Did you ever hitchhike?
Tell us about a bad haircut.
Who was your favorite celebrity when you were a pre-teen?
Have you ever run for a public office? Why or why not?
Do you prefer pencil or pen? What type of pen?