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Monday, December 10, 2012


We watched the movie "Neverwas" on Netflix streaming last night. It was amazing. A little hard to follow at times but we both want to watch it again.

It is about a psychiatrist who leaves his job at Cornell to go to work in a small institution where his father had once been committed. His father had written a famous children's book that seemed to change lives. At work the psychiatrist meets a schizophrenic who knows more about the book than the doctor himself.


It is always a joy to come across a movie that you've never heard of and yet it touches your in places deep inside. I feel like I've been looking for Neverwas for quite some time now.

Let me know what you think.

P.S. My shopping is officially done and now I can get back to writing. I'm planning some changes in my blog and its content so stay tuned.


  1. I've run across this movie several times and never watched it, but now with your enthusiasm for it, I can't wait to see it! Maybe tonight.

  2. Sounds like the movie really touched you, Rita! Look forward to the changes in your blog but if you keep it just as it is I would enjoy it still! So the movie Life of Pi recently and that was pretty interesting,too. Happy Holidays and see ya next year!

  3. I completed a 200 page composition book tonight. The first entry was "Sept 4th Childhood Toys" before that I was only writing the occasional check or a food shopping list. I wouldn't have done this if it hadn't been for your prompts and this blog being so interesting. Thank you very much for helping me find out that my life experiences were worth reliving. Now I'm off to put my first words into Book Two, I hope you continue to share prompts and please know that your efforts here are appreciated.


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