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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remember When: Lost

 Here it is my last evening in Colorado. I was so worried about the cold weather and it's been really nice. The only snow I've seen was in the distant mountains. That is NOT a complaint!

I'm here visiting my brother-in-law, great nephew, great niece and her son. We haven't done anything but eat, visit and be together.

One morning Liz, her toddler and I went to breakfast at a nearby Village Inn. When I got out of the car I saw this sign and memories of my mother came flashing through my mind.

My mother was notorious for getting lost. When I was about 12 we were still living in Kansas and we decided to visit my sister and other relatives in Denver. My Aunt Marie and Cousin KayLee were with us. We crossed the Kansas/Colorado border below Pueblo and headed North.
When we reached Colorado Springs we stopped at a Holiday Inn for dinner. It was really nice. I had trout. Mom pulled out of the parking lot and headed South. Besides getting lost Mom tended to not believe me. She was Very headstrong. I told her we were going the wrong way and she answered with an abrupt "No we aren't."
I could tell by her tone to keep my mouth shut, mostly. I did try one more time with the same result.
When we reached the northern limits of Pueblo Mom said, "We're going the wrong way!" and turned around.
I did NOT tell her I told her so.
One of the things I've been doing while here is copy the photos in my sister's box. Here's one of my Mom on one of our many trips to Colorado.
I have many stories of Mom getting lost.
Do you have a memory of being lost to share?