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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember When: Dessert

A few months ago I was at a luncheon for the Phoenix Writers Club. At the beginning of the meal Elaine asked for bread. They said they didn't have any but maybe they could come up with a biscuit.

We finished our meal. No bread. Suddenly they came out with a bunch of trays of humongous
biscuits. I love biscuits and these were really good especially when I nabbed the honey another friend had asked for to go with her tea.

So our table is laughing over the biscuits and then the honey but that was just the beginning. They then brought out dishes of ice cream. They had apparently filled the dishes and set them in the freezer where they became hard as rocks.
Our table was the only one that knew why we got biscuits for dessert. The whole room got a kick out of trying to chip away at the ice cream. 
Then we had to leave but we still joke about the biscuits and ice cream.
Have you ever had an unusual dessert?