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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Journal Prompts: Memory Boosters

Do you recognize this guy?  Just seeing him brings back so many memories.
Just thinking about Shari Lewis and her wonderful critters: Lamp Chop, Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse didn't bring back the memories the actual figure did. We can't always be lucky enough to come across a vintage collectible like this, but with the Internet we can find photos and an endless number of memories.
How about Googling all the childhood shows you can remember? Keep a list in your journal to refer to. Just like the movies television brings back memories. What about watching shows from your teen years? Look at the clothing. Did you wear mini skirts and white boots?
Ah, such memories.
Another week worth of memoir prompts:
Tell about experimenting with make-up, nail polish or hair products.
Did you ever enter a science fair?
Tell about a small kindness somebody once did for you. Or one you did for somebody else.
Write about a family mystery.
Describe one of your bad habits.
Write about a favorite piece of furniture. (Now or in the past.)
What were some silly nicknames in your school.