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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Journal Prompts: Hope

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

For those who have been around for a while will remember our "Hope Baby." For the rest of you go visit here.

This is the collage I made for my great, great nephew, Trent, with a little help from my poet friend Cindi.


I've visited the little guy a few times when they lived in Seattle but missed them this year because my great niece Liz and Trent moved to Colorado to be with her Papa.
Since Liz's brother is also here from the armed forces we decided we'd spend today together.
Hope and joy abound.
Trent, now three-years-old, being silly with Auntie Rita.
Seven writing prompts:
Write about an extended family member.
What is your favorite holiday dish?
List 15 things you are thankful for.
Do you remember making special holiday decorations at school?
Tell a funny story about a child.
What is the farthest you have ever travelled to be with family?
What are some of family stories about get-togethers?