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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Remember When: Sewing

I learned to sew from my mother, my aunt and my grandmother. A bit here and a bit there. Not to mention the home economic classes in junior high that did more to turn me off from sewing than anything.

My mother passed away in 1990 and Jessica and I went back to Kansas to visit her grave, family and places of importance to our family. We saw the house my great, great grandfather built, the remains of the dugouts where the family first lived, and my father's aunt in Liberal.

I'd never met my Great Aunt Nell before, that I know of. We stayed at her house and her brother and his wife were up from Kansas. It was great. They are the keepers of the old stories. The ones about the Civil War and my dad's childhood.

While showing us around the house I was excited when she had the old treadle sewing machine that belonged to her mother. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it but this is was it looked like.
Aunt Nell has since passed away and I don't know where the machine ended up. I just hope it is still in the family somewhere.
Here's my sewing machine and the corner where I do most of my art and crafty stuff. Not much room but I enjoy having my space.
Have you come across sewing items that have been handed down through the family? Do you have pictures? If not try finding something similar on-line because the younger generations may not have an idea of what you are talking about and at least a newspaper ad gives them a visual.
Have you followed up on any traditional sewing (or other) arts?


  1. Oh dear. My grandmother loved to crochet. I have long since forgotten... For my daughter's birthday one year, we took a knitting class. It's a beautiful art. She took her needles and yarn back to college! Lovely, lovely post. Thanks for keeping our collection memories alive.

    1. Jewell, I'm so glad to help with your memories. I just got one of those knitting looms to make some scarves. May move on to socks. Who knows.

  2. I hadn't used my sewing machine in 14 years then this year I brought it out and remembered how good it felt to operate and make things.

    1. Good for you! So many of those things are ignored these days to I think they will save us by taking us back to simpler times and things that aren't as stressful.

  3. Oooh, love this post. I have a sewing machine as well, just bought it last year. I've taken up quilting, and although it's slow-going because I'm so busy with my writing, I'm still finding a little time here and there. It's fun that we share this creative outlet! :)

  4. Oooh, I love this post. I have a sewing machine as well, just bought it last year. And although I haven't been able to use it as much as I'd like because of the busy writing schedule, I still find a little time. It's so fun to share this creative outlet with you! :)


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