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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remember When: More Kitchens

 I  finally found the other photo I remembered of the kitchen where I grew up. Look at all the memories! That's my mother's room in the background so I know this was after my sister got married and moved out. We always shared that room before then because it was bigger.

That's Ricky in the cage. All our birds were named Ricky. I think he talked but I'm not sure.
I remember that cake pan and metal bread box. But I didn't until I found this photo again. To the right of that table was the washer. We had no dryer. How funny that seems now. I wish I could see more of that picture above the door.
 This was the kitchen of the next house we lived in. I used to lie on that counter to talk on the phone. No extensions. One day I was talking to my friend, Lydia, and one of those plants hanging on the end of the cupboard hit me in the head in a way that made no sense. I always felt that house was haunted.

On the other side of the room was the refrigerator and on top of that a huge glass plate that shattered one day for no apparent reason. Lydia still remembers that day.

Many strange things happened.  That's one of my mother's dates. She was never ready on time so I had to entertain. One of the bad memories of my growing up. Can you see our Pekingese showing off how he sat up? Oh and there are the red frosted wine glasses. So many memories in one photo.
I also found this one of my mother with her Aunt Grace who I wrote about last week. I'd forgotten about this photo. I really have to get these photos sorted. They are scattered among various boxes.

Have you given your old photos a new look since we've started reminiscing?


  1. I love it that all your birds were called Ricky!!

    1. Even the cockatiel my grandmother had when she went into the nursing home was Ricky.

  2. Sweet recollections!
    We, too, had a metal bread box ... and the requisite bird cage:
    Several canaries came and went throughout my childhood -- each one was named “Bobby”!

    1. Isn't that funny. We never had canaries. I'd like to try them sometime. Are they quieter than parakeets?

  3. That toaster and metal bread box are so cool. I'd like to see more of those around. Great old pictures.

    1. Thanks Cindi. Mom got rid of so many neat things when we moved to Arizona.


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