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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Remember When: Kindergarten

 As part of my memoir writing I have written about each grade level; filling in as many memories as I can for each one.

Kindergarten was at this school, Morrison Grade School. That classroom was on the opposite side from this view. It was a very large room with windows like these on two sides. Underneath were shelves for games, books and other supplies. We each had a towel we'd lie on for nap time. I can still remember the feel of the darkened room and the cool floor. All the children spread around the room, some asleep, some just fiddling with their hands or looking around quietly.

Our teacher was Miss or Mrs. Williams. She was an older woman who played the piano. These were my classmates. I'm in the middle of the back row.
In one corner of the room was an alcove filled with shelves and very nice wooden kitchen furniture. We all loved playing in that area, going shopping for food on the shelves and putting it in the refrigerator just like our parents. It seems we might have even had a grocery cart or two.

We did crafts and learned songs including "This Old Man" which is still one of my favorite children's songs.

Did you go to kindergarten? Do you remember what your room looked like or what you enjoyed doing?