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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Journal Prompts: Real Memories?

Sometimes what we don't remember is important. This was my Great Aunt Grace's home. I don't remember ever being there but I probably was in my younger years.

This is Great Aunt Grace. My mother got her middle name from her. She was apparently quite a character. She would collect all the little bits of thread the rest of the women cut off and use them . . . the short pieces nobody else wanted to bother with.
When I started doing my research I wrote to her a few times. Her letters were always quite comical as she "corrected" information I got from other family members; in red ink. I know Mother thought a lot of her, I wish I had known her more than just a couple of letters.
As I was writing a memory came to me of a house with a big living room with wooden floors and a kitchen or dining room at the far end. I remember entering this house but I don't know who's house it was. Perhaps it was Aunt Grace's but I've always connected the memory to my father's side of the family.
I don't remember ever having a birthday party . . . until I turned 13. Surely I did. mom baked birthday cakes and I received presents. There aren't any pictures of birthday parties. Yes, this bothers me. I don't know if I didn't have any or I just don't remember.
Someday as I work my way through the prompts and dig deeper into my past I will find those memories, if they exist. I also have very long blank areas. Fourth grade is a blank. I've worked at bringing it back and with help from people I've found on the Internet. I at least know my teacher's name. Why don't I remember an entire year? I mentioned that to Jeanette Walls and she said it may be a good thing but I want to know.
I don't remember my father or any of his family. I don't remember living in Garden City, Kansas. I don't remember learning to read. Not knowing is important . . . not knowing is part of who I am.
Not knowing led me to starting my genealogy. Led me to journaling. Led me to doing this blog.

What are some of the things you don't remember?

Seven new journaling prompts:

Write about heirlooms. Give their history and what they mean specifically to you. Add photos if you can.

Write about playing cards.

Tell about a car accident you were involved in.

Tell a story about cursing.

Have you ever gone hunting?

Write about homecoming festivities at your high school?

Was there anything unusual about your birth?