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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Journal Prompts: Make the Effort

People are catching on to this memoir writing thing. New readers are coming to my blog and people I associate with are asking more questions. I tend to be getting so enmeshed in my own project I don't want to do anything else.

Next month I will be going to Colorado to visit with my brother-in-law, great nephew, great niece and her son. We haven't all been together since my sister passed away. I'm looking forward to sharing memories, looking at family heirlooms and, of course, making new memories.

The following month is my my 41st high school reunion. New memories, Different memories.

These events take time. Time to plan, time to travel and time to attend. Everyday I hear "I don't have time" or "time is flying by so fast." Both are true but there should always be time for family, friends and memories. Don't forget to take time to write them down.

Cruisin' around my parents' cafe.

Seven new journal prompts:

Did you or a sibling ever run away from home? What was the cause? How long were you/them gone?

Write about a time you told or listened to ghost stories.

Did you ever have a tree house?

Write about looking for a lost animal.

Describe a class reunion. What were some of the biggest surprises?

Were you influenced by your family's cultural heritage?

Was there anything unusual about your birth?