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Tattered Past: My ongoing journey through genealogy, history, writing, self-exploration and art. ~~~ Rita Ackerman

Friday, October 19, 2012

Crayons and Journals and A Love Dog

What a wonderful day with birthday wishes coming in from all angles. I'm taking a bit of a break in preparing for my speech on Sunday to share my happy day.
Yesterday my friend Barbara and her daughter Amy brought me some lovely rose shaped cranberry cupcakes. What a surprise.

Today I received a package from my friend in Florida. Her birthday is tomorrow and we've exchanged gifts for many years, since we turned 13. How fun to receive a box of crayons and a Winnie the Pooh coloring book. And for my other muse a beautiful journal and pen.
Now I have no excuse. Right?


Doug got me a rose colored MP3 and I've been busy copying my cds and visiting iTunes. Anybody for some Bobby Vee or Kyo Sakaguchi?
Through the Internet I've received so many birthday wishes I've been finding through Facebook and other places. How lucky in contact with people I've known most of my life. Life is Grand.

And last but not least, a special hug and kiss from my Puppy Love.
Because of our goofy schedule we are planning on celebrating after my talk on Sunday with a trip to Joe's Crab Shack in Tempe.
Thank you Dear Friends, Family and Furkid.