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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember When: Postcards

I love collecting postcards. Every where I visit I get postcards.
As Jessica was growing up I did the same for her and would occasionally see her sitting in her room flipping through the box of memories.
When I started doing genealogy I began looking for postcards of places related to my ancestors. At that time it meant hours leaning over boxes or sitting on the floor of antique stores.
Now I find them on the Internet. Primarily e-bay.
Here's where my family lived from about 1890 to the 1950s.
My sister was born in this town; in a house built by our great, great grandfather: John Riley Keith.
I've been in the house and hoped when I found this postcard it would be in the picture but I think it is just off the left side of the photo. I need to check but I think I have a photo of that two-story building in the middle being built. Probably by J. R. Keith. He was a stonemason and built many buildings throughout the area.
The next postcard is the main street in my home town. This has memories: BIG TIME.
We did all our shopping along that street. I remember seeing friends from school along those sidewalks. I remember darting in and out of the stores to avoid rain and snow. I remember school shopping and Christmas shopping. Woolworths was in that block and the dress shop and the shoe shop where I got my Buster Browns.
It is well-worth the time looking for postcards like these. Even if you still live in the area where you grew up. Try to find postcards from the years you remember. Then range further.
What about the countries your ancestors came from? Can you imagine them living there? What nationalities are in your blood?


  1. my mum is from Wales and we often still go camping to North Wales around the areas where I used to go to visit my relatives as a child. My dad is Liverpudlian through and through like me!..enjoyed looking at your photos

    1. How lucky to have those memories and to get to visit those areas. Have you thought of putting together a little picture album for the future generations who might not be able to do that?

  2. Rita, you're so lucky to have these old postcards showing where your family lived. I wish I had those for my family. I know I used to have a shoebox full of postcards from my childhood. I wonder what ever happened to that ...

    1. Doris, I found both of these postcards on e-bay. Usually they are very cheap for "off" places like this. There are also many sites that show postcards from different areas. Look around. You'll be amazed.

  3. Oh, my gosh. Do you remember the smell of the warm cashews from the nut case when you entered the Woolworth's stores? Especially on a cold, snowy day. That was as close to heaven as it got!

    1. No I don't remember the cashews. My memory of smells is more talcum powder and a mustyness. Maybe a hint of popcorn? Nor sure about some memories.


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