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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remember When: Porches

Sitting out in the front yard is something that just isn't done here in Arizona. They don't even build houses with these wonderful front porches any more. Do they build them anywhere?

Porches were for meeting with family, for playing with dolls and/or cars, for eating watermelon. Most of all they were for hearing stories as the older folks sat and talked and passed on the family lore, local lore and wisdom they had learned in the same way as children.

Can you imagine your grandparents and distant cousins sitting on this porch with their heads bent over their mobile phones? To me this is one of the saddest parts of modern society. No talking, no sharing, no face-to-face conversation.

Porches are for relaxing. For sitting back and listening to the sounds of children at play or crickets in the bushes. What a stress-buster!

I remember sitting on porches especially in those old metal lawn chairs. There were stories told over and over of what this aunt or uncle did as a child to get in trouble. The time grandad caught a snapping turtle out at the creek.

Think back. Do you have porch stories? Write about them.


  1. I sat every night on a porch in Colorado on an old couch. I watched the moon rise and the stars twinkle and I had to put a blanket over me because the mountain air was chilly. It was wonderful. I drank wine, too! And ate popcorn and told stories. It was one of the best parts of my entire vacation in Colorado...sitting on the big porch enjoying my vacation. Simple pleasures in a most beautiful place. Now I'm back in Phoenix...porchless. Oh well at least i have my memory.

  2. I remember the backyard sleep outs when you and I would put up a tent and spend all day filling it with blankets, pillows, books, flashlights and all kinds of midnight snacks, which never made it past 10 p.m. Do you remember the night Dean put a rope under the tent thinking he would pull it out and scare us into believing a snake was in the tent? I remember spending the evening sneaking into the house to eat fresh from the oven, made from scratch, slathered in butter, chocolate cake. Ahh...what I wouldn't give for one more bite of my mom's chocolate cake.

    1. Kay, I do not remember sleeping in tents at all. Or Dean with a rope. I do remember the buttered cake but from a much later visit. I have many blanks.

  3. I never stopped to think about how many stories I had in my memory about porches. It was such a quick flash through time for me as I read your article. Thank you for bringing back these wonderful happy memories.

    1. You're welcome and thank you for the comment. Made my day.


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