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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remember When: Knick Knacks

 People collect all kinds of things. Figurines, stamps, ashtrays, books, angels and coins.
 I've had quite a few collections over the years.
On one visit to Boothill in Dodge City, Kansas my mom picked out a little set of three ceramic horses to take back to my sister. I wanted horses too but there was only one set. Mom suggested I collect dogs and that was that. I still have two of those little dogs from that set of beagles from Dodge City.
Since then I've collected horses, hedgehogs, stone critters, pens, miniatures, books and other odds and ends.
One figurine I received as a gift in second grade never became a collection. There really could only be one.
How sad he looks. I don't remember who gave it to me but I do remember the day. I had spent the summer and school year with my grandparents and and this was my going away party when I was getting ready to go back home in another town. The party was in the back yard of another child's house and I think most of my classmates appeared.
Over the years I'd sit and try to figure out how many critters are represented in this little guy.
Penguin (mostly from the back), lion, rabbit, raccoon, chicken, hawk . . . do you see any others?
Did you have a collection as a child? Do you still have it? Do you still add to it?
What other collections have you had over the years?