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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memoir Journal Workshop

I've only had one person comment on the Memoir Journal Workshop, as I've since named it. That's okay. I just hope many more of you will give this a try. And please, if you are a reader and have a blog, link back to this page
for me: Memoir Journal Workshop In other words, spread the word. Everybody should be doing this.

We are to officially start on Tuesday but here are a few things to do to prepare your journal/composition book.

Mark each spread with an area for "Jots." These are the memories, thoughts and ideas that come up in your writing. You don't want to loose them so you can quickly put them over in the "jots" area and continue on.
You don't have to write "jots" in: I did it to emphasize the area. I used highlighters.

Then in the back of the book cut the last page in half and glue the bottom half around the edges to the inside cover to make a pocket.
 For now I just have some reward stickers in there. Every day that I write I give myself a sticker. As simple as this is it gives a strong sense of achievement.

I'm putting my reward stickers on the inside of the front cover.  Fun!

One last thing. Put a few index cards in your purse or pocket (or sticky notes) to jot down memories or ideas that come to you while you are out and about. These will be things brought out by smells, conversations, signs, etc. You don't want to loose any memories while you are away from your journal.

Just can't wait to get started? The first two subjects I have written about are:
childhood toys and a special childhood friend who you would like to make contact with again.

I will be posting these and other prompts two or three times a week: besides the prompt that usually comes with my Tuesday "Remember When" post.
If you come up with things in your "Jots" area feel free to write about those subjects. There is no particular order.

As you start a page or spread write the subject and the date. Then write with a loose hand and loose thoughts. Don't worry about spelling, grammar or any of those things. Just write. If you get off the subject and like where you are going stay with it. You can always come back to the original subject another day. So far I've written two pages on each subject but there's no rule there. Try for at least that but if you want to keep going feel free to write 10 pages if that is how it works out.