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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Memoir Journal Workshop: Day 23

Monday was "one of those days" so I'm doing that workshop post today and will still do another one tomorrow. We are in the last week of the challenge. Does anybody remember? I planned on filling a composition book in September. Well, I'm not going to make it. I'm just past half way. No matter, I'm still doing it and still coming up with prompts.

What I'm looking for now is some feedback. I know many of  you are writing, some every day, and that is the really important part. What I'm wondering is anybody doing the "Jots" section and the reward stickers and other things that I suggested in the beginning. What comments do you have about the prompts? Were some hard to understand?

Any feedback will be appreciated as I start putting the workbook together. Thank you, one-and-all, for joining me in this challenge and for helping me pull my ideas together.

By-the-way, I will not be stopping the prompts in Oct. Just doing it differently just keep checking in for more fun memoir writing.

Seven more memoir prompts:

Write about a time your heart was broken.

What was your favorite cartoon.

Did you have an imaginary friend?

Write about something you miss.

Describe a time you ate something new and "exotic."

What is the sport you most enjoy watching? Do you also play?

Tell about meeting a famous person.

I used to do a lot of work for various author and movie/television star events in Tombstone, Arizona. I loved meeting many of the actors I had grown up watching in the tv Westerns such as Hugh O'Brien, William Smith, and Greg Palmer; and others who are still active in acting and just enjoy the Old West atmosphere such as Martin Kove, Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert.
Here I am at one event talking to Buck Taylor who from "Gunsmoke" and Leon Metz, a fantastic author who wrote the foreword for my Ike Clanton book. Note the Hop-Along-Cassidy impersonator in the foreground. What amazing eyes that man has.

Later with Stella Stevens who I remember most for being in a movie with Elvis Presley. She was working on a screenplay and we had long talks about women in the Wild West and writing in general.
And here are two of my favorites. Dirk London who played Morgan Earp in the television show with Hugh O'Brien and his wife, Jan Shepherd, who was also in an Elvis movie and many westerns such as "Bonanza."