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Monday, September 17, 2012

Memoir Journal Workshop: Day 14

We are moving steadily on. More and more people are joining us and I'm getting some great feedback. Thank you.

Today I want to discuss Time Lines. These are very helpful as you continue to work on your memoirs. I have different types that I work from. Since I have been doing this for so long I keep mine in a three-ring binder that also has bits and pieces and hints and clues that I find along the way.

For example, I found a floor plans for two of the schools I attended. These were both online and I found them by googling the names of the schools and then patiently going through all the stuff. One of them is actual newspaper that published the plans when the school was being opened. It's so cool to be able to find my art class and the cafeteria and the area where my locker was.

I digress, back to the time-lines. One is just my school years. Because many of  my memories come from school I found it easier to arrange the years by school year and age like this:

1958-1959 Kindergarten Ms. Williams
1959-1960 First Grade Miss Groh
1960-1961 Second Grade Mrs. Bently

The other timeline is by year and age and includes other events:

1960     age 7     spent summer and school year with grandparents in Montezuma
1961     age 8     Betty graduated from high school, I returned to Great Bend
1962     age 9    
1963     age 10
1964     age 11     spent summer in Colorado with sister and bro-in-law. Niece born
1965     age 12     started Harrison Junior High

My time-line has many more details but I don't want to put too much identifying information on line.

So work on your time-lines and here are the next seven prompts:

Describe the first bedroom you remember. What color was it? Did you have to share it? Where were your toys kept?

Describe a time you got sick in a public place or at least embarrassing circumstances.

Is there an object/heirloom that keeps popping up in your in your memories? Is it still in your life or has it disappeared over time?

Describe a time you were left out. For example: in a game during recess, at a party, in a group or club.

Describe a time your forgot an engagement. How did it work out in the end?

Did you get an allowance? How did you usually spend it? Were you a saver?

What is something you have too much of? A collection or just something you tend to acquire "whenever it's on sale."

Some of the journalers are writing the prompts out on slips of paper and keeping them in the pocket in the back of their journal. I print them out and have the extra sheet handy in my journal or purse.

Keep in mind that most of these prompts can be done over again for different times in your life. For example: if you write about getting your allowance at 8 that would have been very different then what you received at age 15 and what you spent it on.

Keep on writing.