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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Memoir Journal Workshop: Day 1

Here we are at day one of the Memoir Journal Workshop September Challenge. If you are just tuning in you can learn the basics here and here.

I will be posting regular prompts. You can write from these or any subjects that come up in your own search through your own past and the past of your family. There will also be prompts in my "Remember When" series on Tuesdays.

There are many goals. Get those memories into a book where the won't disappear into cyberspace. Develop the habit of journaling. Have fun. Fill a composition book in the month of September. Experience the healing that comes from journaling. Dredge up things you thought you'd forgotten.

My goal is to develop this into a workbook of some kind so more people can experience this process.

I've already post two prompts:
Childhood toys
A childhood friend you wish you hadn't lost touch with
Here are some more:
A trees you remember climbing, swinging from, sitting under
A field trip you took with your school
Scars you have and how you got them
A summer or other part-time job
Make of list of your childhood homes to have for further reference

Some things to remember:
Be specific
Try to include all of your senses
If you get off the subject and like where it's going keep going, you can always come back on another day
Don't worry about spelling, grammar or anything.
Write as freely as you can    Relax
Reward yourself every time you write