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Monday, August 27, 2012

Starbucks and Abandoned Art

I spent the last few days running errands, cleaning house, doing laundry, unpacking, and working in my travel journal. Now here I am back on my schedule of writing. Laptop, Starbucks and a hot chai which tastes great because although it is hot outside it is Freezing in here.

My travel journal isn't full but at this point I don't plan on adding any more to it.

I figured out my mileage and I drove 3089 miles on this trip. Most of the time I was in the mountains and I was happy that my Kia still averaged about 33 mpg. The highest it got was 36 mpg.
Not bad.

This morning I got my first e-mail response to one of the pieces of art I abandoned on my trip.
"Found Treasure: Thank you for the surprise. I found it at the rest stop near Baker City, OR." Along with the following photo;

How cool is that? I love this whole concept. If you haven't already checked out please visit 
I don't know but this could have been the one I put in this spread in my journal.
This is the photo hiding under the tab on the left hand page.

The other page is a photo from the garden at Young Living Farms in Utah.
It was really fun having so many friends travelling along with me through my blog. I really enjoy travelling alone but it's nice to share some of the experiences at the end of the day. I think the thing I found that I least liked about travelling alone was the inability to take photos of scenes I passed. There are a couple of spots in Oregon that I'd love to get photos of but there's no way to pull over. Yes, I admit I did take a few shots while driving but certainly not in the mountains. I may push my luck a little but but I try not to be entirely stupid. lol