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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sleepless Night

During my last night of the trip when I stayed at the hotel in Panguitch, Utah I couldn't sleep. This isn't unusual but more stressful when I know I have a full day of driving the next day.

One thing that helps is to doodle so I pulled out my composition book of ideas and started doodling. The doodling became ideas for a September Challenge of memoir writing. I wrote all kinds of thoughts and ideas:

As I thought about this on the last day of driving and ever since I wondered if I should do this in October, but no, it won't leave me alone so I'm going to do this project starting September 4.

The main thing about this project is it involves YOU. I want to help others develop the habit of writing, help you get your memories down on paper, and have fun.

Are you going to join me? The first step is to get or roundup some supplies. We will be working in a Composition book which are still on sale at some stores for .50. While you are there in the back-to-school section pick up a few other things that catch your eye. A pencil bag, sticky notes, pens, highlighters, a glue stick, index cards. These are the main things we will be using. However, stickers, colored pencils, and other fun things can be added.

Part of the theory behind this is that if we have fun things to write with our childhood memories will have a better chance to come to the surface.
What the challenge will involve:
Writing. Every day.
To fill a composition book during the month of September.
Prompts to write from and ways to save the memories and thoughts that those prompts bring to the surface for future writing. I will also be putting in things for you to think about and ideas of the importance of journaling.
I will be putting weekly prompts up, besides the ones I already do with "Remember When" on Tuesdays.
Why? I'm a genealogist and am convinced we need to write down our memories to be handed down to future generations. We also need to save the stories we have heard. The side advantage of this is learning about ourselves and how to deal with some of those memories and thoughts. Journaling has been proven to be beneficial for people dealing with depression, lack of interest, past issues and all other aspects of psychology.
I'm still wrapping my head around all the things that came to mind during that brainstorming session in my hotel room. This will be a learning experience for me too.
So tell your friends. Get your composition book and other school items.
It's time to do some homework like you've never done before.