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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Road House

Doug received a gift certificate for the Texas Roadhouse so off we went for dinner together this evening. We like to go early when there are no crowds and the music is somewhat subdued. This was our first time to this restaurant and we we were pleasantly surprised. Doug had prime rib and I had the catfish. We both enjoyed our food and thought it was resonable and we will probably go back.

Our waiter was quite fun and entertaining as he introduced himself as Michelle. That guy had more energy then 10 other people put togetherand stayed right on top of our order.

As were were waiting for our food a group of three men were seated behind me. I couldn't see them but their drawls fit right in with the decor and the YEE HAWs the staff yelled out for birthdays and anniversaries.

One of the first comments I heard was "This place fits us far better than the Olive Garden."  That seemed to be an understatement. I caught bits and pieces of conversation about Texas, roadkill, and some celebrity they had met. 

Then they ordered their meals. Prime rib well-done or medium for two of them and a hamburger medium for the third. Doug was aghast. "Prime rib has to be rare!" Doug is really fond of prime rib and I thought we were going to loose him when we stood to leave and one of the men was smothering his prime rib with steak sauce and the other one was eyeing the catsup bottle while the third poured that it on his hamburger.

I think it's a good thing we left when we did but I have to say there was plenty of entertainment for the evening. And I can't help but wonder what types of people I will come across while traversing the western part of our country in the next couple of weeks.