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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remember When: Roadtrips

 We didn't do much travelling when I was a child. We'd drive the 80 some miles to my grandparents and maybe stop at Boot Hill in Dodge City as a special treat. I don't think I was every out of the state of Kansas until I was 11. Now some of my friends tease me because I've never been east of the Mississippi; in fact I've never seen the Mississppi.

One little "game" I played was pretending I was riding a horse along the side of the road and which way it would go up and down the sides of the highway. It's hard to explain but that sure would have been the world's fastest horse. lol

Now I love looking for old buildings, corrals, pastures and other places that have long been abandoned. I wonder about the people and their lives. Most of all I just love seeing the old wood and architecture. I love taking pictures of these old buildings but I don't have any to share yet from this trip.
I actually took this photo on my trip to Washington last year. But it fits.

What scenes do you enjoy seeing as you travel around?