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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember When: Back To School

I have always loved school. Back-to-school was exciting. I loved the new crayons, prestine paint box, glue bottles and sharpening all those fresh pencils.
I still have to have my pencils freshly sharpened. Never use a dull pencil. I buy crayons just to smell them and using a fresh set of watercolors brings back fond memories.

School clothes were always special too. I learned quickly, though, that when Jessica was in school we didn't buy school clothes until later because the fall/winter clothes just weren't needed for a few months in Phoenix.

I still remember Mrs. Thompson and where I sat in Third Grade at Morrison Grade School. I had spent second grade at my grandparents so although I wasn't new at school it felt like it. This is also the year I got glasses and crawled more deeply into my shell.

That's me in the pedal pushers in the front row. Mom was aghast when she saw the photo and I can still hear her saying that she would never have let me wear "THAT" if she'd known it was picture day. I don't remember that day but I do remember those pedal pushers. I loved them.

What special memories do you have about back-to-school? Do you still like to buy supplies?