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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Six: 2012

This is a view of the Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima, Washington. We traced Jessica's fourth great grandparents here in this cemetery.

Joseph Remley was born in 1821 in Ohio and married Mary Jane Cahoon who was born in 1825 in Ohio. He died in 1901 and she died in 1902. Next to them is their son and then a granddaughter, Gladys.
We used dowsing rods like I learned during the Clarkdale Workshop and took many pictures, videos and audio digital recordings which I haven't downloaded yet.

Feeling like we were on a roll we stopped at the Naches Cemetery and found a distant Aunt and Uncle. Willie Ann Martin and Leonard Stump. They were married in Klickitat County, Washington Feb. 15, 1881 father's house.

Doing genealogy is amazing. Finding a physical connection, even if it's just a grave, is amazing.