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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Nine: 2012

See this handsome young man? We had a big date this evening.

I always try to have a special meal out with each boy.

Today I introduced Brendan to popcorn shrimp. He thought that was pretty yummy.
He sat there and wrote a thank you note to his Papa and then we called him when we got back.

I don't know where Alex and I will go.


  1. Your date certainly IS handsome! Did you have crab legs, Rita?

    1. No. I tried to keep the bill down so I just had shrimp but it sure was good.

  2. I betcha he will always remember how he first ate popcorn shrimp!

    1. Yes and now Jessica is "mad" because he wants to go to Red Lobster all the time. Grammy's just can't win.


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