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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 4: 2012

First full day in Washington. Grocery shopping and settling in.

Now for why Flat Stanley was hiding his head. Oh, first, Jessica said I forgot to make the link to the Flat Stanley books. Try this.

Back to Bliss, Idaho. I pulled off the freeway and drove past one hotel and then an empty store and there were a couple of cafe/gas station places. Pretty dead. There was a woman walking along the side of the road and I remember watching her and thinking how hot she looked. I went on down and turned around and came back to check into the hotel I'd already passed. I had to move my car down to my room and then I unloaded and got ready to settle down.

I went to the office to get some ice and when I got back to my room that woman was sitting on the step in front of my car. I went in  my room and noticed she was watching me very closely as I opened the door. Then it dawned on me why she was sitting in front of my door. OOPS. I've watched enough cop shows to have an idea about street walkers but I didn't expect one to be walking along the side of the road in Bliss. hmmm. I did peek out later and she was gone.

So that was Day Two.

Here's the view out my door the next morning when the wildfires were on either side of the road.

No there isn't much to Bliss but I get a kick out of the name.


  1. So glad to hear that you made it safe and sound! I hope driving through the fires wasn't too awful. We made a trip once through fires in California and at some points you could barely see your hands on the steering wheel.

    I almost forgot that it was Thursday. I guess that means I've come to depend on our art dates as calendar markers. Have a wonderful time and I'll see you when you return!

  2. Congrats on your safe arrival.
    Hmmmm. . . A street walker on your doorstep.
    There must be a story in that.
    You missed the fun here. I am sure the young lovely delivering the weather prognostications said it was a record breaking 116 degrees.

  3. Sounds like this gal wanted to bring some 'bliss' to someone.


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