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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 15: 2012 Homeward Bound

I know. The days are all messed up. I keep counting them up on my fingers and loosing or gaining days and then getting mixed up with dates.

If I'm counting right this really is Day 15. Regardless it is Monday and I left Yakima this morning after taking the boys on one last walk past the "bee tree." They helped me load the car along with the rocks they each painted for Papa and I to put in our garden.

I'm back in Bliss but a different hotel. The WIFI works better here and it is nicer, and cheaper.
Go figure.

Anyway, I was determined to find a place to get photos of the Columbia River as I passed over this morning and did get a couple.

At that point I was in Oregon and spend most of my time driving wondering what it was like for the people in the covered wagons. Those mountains seem endless in a car and I can't imagine waking up every morning and just seeing more of the same.

I pulled off at one overview and did a video of the view to show you the immensity of it all.

Then I left one of my little Art Abandonment packages at the view.

I left a couple more at rest stops but didn't get photos of them.

Idaho has been hit very hard with the wildfires. Since I came through Boise there has been mile after mile of burned areas along both sides of the highway.

When I got off at Bliss, Pop. 318 I noticed this old gas station. I'd love to rummage around in these old buildings.

So tomorrow I continue across Idaho and then into Utah and south through Salt Lake City. I plan on spending tomorrow night in southern Utah again.

I talked to Jessica a little bit ago and she said the boys are already missing me; especially Brendan. It's up and down like that. I sure miss them, too.