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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day.  I slept well last night, which is very unusual for me, and woke up with phone calls to make but plans to come to B&N to write.

I dealt with insurance companies and doctor billing offices and it all went well. Every body was nice and knew what they were doing. Didn't have to pinch any heads off.

Then an old friend called and we reminiscenced about high school and even the one month I spent at grade school here in Phoenix after we moved from Kansas. Turns out he is from Seattle where I will be going next month. I don't know why I never knew that or perhaps just didn't remember. 

Back to Phoenix. The monsoons have arrived although we've had no rain and even little wind and dust at our house. I took this picture a couple of nights ago.

Lava Flow?

As I settled in here at B&N Kenny Rogers and "Lady" was playing on the intercom. Reminded me of when we went to his concert quite a few years ago. We had fairly good seats and I was able to get some photos but I haven't scanned them yet.

He is a very charismatic performer. I don't remember who the female was that opened but the electricity when Kenny came on stage was so amazing after her rather blah performance.
I used to really enjoy concerts but now I have a hard time with the loudness and I can't stand for very long. I don't get why people insist on standing clear through a concert. I get reallly tired of the view when I'm the only one sitting. The last concert we went to together was Phil Collins. It wore me out just watching him. Of course I was working on a headache and the lights finished it off. Just can't handle that any more but Doug still enjoys going.

Other concerts we've been too over the years were John Denver, the Beach Boys, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Turtles, (Have I dated myself yet?) and

Before I met Doug I was at quite a few others. The Beach Boys many times, Arlo Gutherie, Gordon Lightfoot, Herman's Hermits, Elton John, Tom Rush, Steppenwolf . . .

Lots of memories hiding out in those concerts.
Or Sunset?

Hope you are all having a wonderful day too.