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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Observations

It's 103 degrees outside and I'm here at the Barnes and Noble cafe with a large green tea. Surrounded by books, puzzles, magazines and people doing their own thing mostly on laptops.

As I settled in there was a very tall teenager talking to his mother who's arms were full of books. He was trying to hand her another one and saying, "If you get this one I'll never ask you to get me another book." I'm laughing inside and commiserating with the poor mom who was obviously drooping under the load she already had. She reminded him that she already had two for him. He didn't miss a beat, "Well if you get these three I'll never ask you for another book as long as I live." The book ended up on her pile and I grinned at her. I couldn't tell if she noticed. Next Son was off to look at "one more thing." While Mom headed to the checkout. A bit later I saw them pass the windows on their way to the parking lot. I couldn't tell if more had been added to her pile but I don't think she was drooping just from the heat.

When I first came in the store I noticed a lady in a black and white print dress. It looked okay but the black cowboy boots looked really strange. I've always thought it looked odd to wear cowboy boots with shorts or a dress but I see it a lot. What do you think? Am I the strange one? Besides the way it looks,  boots without long socks are extremely uncomfortable and in this weather HOT.

So much for my fashion comments for the day.

One of the things I saved from my mother's house over 20 years ago was this potted cactus. Every year it blooms around Mother's Day. First it gets these long shoots that go on for a couple of days.

Then during the night these beautiful pale pink and white blooms open up.

I think this is the most I've ever seen at one time. When I told my daughter this morning she said she wished she had one. I'm going to take a little baby to her next month. We'll see how it does.

What have you observed today?