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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Remember When: Summertime

 What are some of your summertime memories?

We played for hours and hours, long past dark, in the neighbors large grassy yard. Red Rover, catching June bugs, hide-and-seek, red-light-green-light, Simon says and collecting lightening bugs.

What about your ancestors? What did they do in the summer?
Church camp?

Fishing in the local creek?

Travelling? (My dad at Pike's Peak)
 Riding bicycles? (My uncles and their cousin.)

 Hiking and camping? (My husband and daughter in Arizona's White Mountains.)

Family reunions? (Four generations of my dad's family. He's the tall one in the back towards the right side of the photo.)

Relaxing on the front porch? (My husband and his mother.)

If you don't have family photos, old journals or letters to tell you what your ancestors did for summer fun try Googling the area they lived in and the years. Were there amusement parks? Were they near the beach or in the mountains? Did they travel? Did they visit the old home place?

It's possible to recreate your family stories if only with clues to what was happening. It's called bringing your ancestors to life.