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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remember When: First Pets

Do you remember your first pet?
Meet mine, Smokey.
He was a Pekingese.

My dad gave him to us when I was about 3 and he lived 13 years so he was pretty
much always there. For those in to such things isn't that a great sewing machine in
the background. I remember when Mom got her new Singer so for her it was
progress but now many of us would love to have that old one to display.

Back to first pets.
This is Duchess. She wasn't our daughter's first pet but she was the one
who became her companion and best friend.

Duchess was a great dog and this little pet show at the local park was a
highlight to Jessica. I truly believe it was a highlight to Duchess too.

I don't remember how old Jessica was but she did a great job explaining how
she took care of Duchess and all the things they did together.

I never did any special things with Smokey but I remember many snuggle moments
and him riding in the saddlebag baskets on my bicycle.