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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remember When: Board Games

My sister was ten years older than me. Quite often she was more of a second mother than a sister. Of course we never really played but we did have some board games. I remember Parchesi being one of our favorites. Maybe checkers and Chinese checkers. An occasional game of cards.

Lucky for me I spent many summers with my cousins who lived in another town about 80 miles away. Here I am with Dean who is one year older (minus one day.) lol His sister is a couple years younger.

We had marathons with the board games. If the game tended to end too soon I seem to remember we made up our own rules to extend the length of the game. Especially Monopoly. And Risk. We always played on the floor in Dean's room and were able to move the games to the side so we could continue the next day and perhaps the day after that.

We also played Mouse Trap and Operation.
Here's my grandson with his Operation game. I hope he is making his own memories with his game.
I'm making plans for my trip to visit the kids in August. Perhaps we will play Operation. 

Too bad they are still too young for Monopoly.
I think that is my all time favorite board game.

What's yours?