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Monday, July 30, 2012

Arizona History With a Twist

Arizona history is colorful, found in unusual places and very deep. The old mining towns are especially full of stories and legends. Last week Doug and I joined an historical workshop in Clarkdale and Cottonwood; two wonderful little towns often overlooked as travelers head for the more flamboyant ghost town of Jerome. This workshop not only took us on a tour of the more unusual sites but gave us a link to the past through the ghosts that roam the area.

We weren't meeting the group until after lunch so we brought our own and had a relaxing little picnic in the Clarkdale park. The flags at half mast were sad reminders of the horror that had just occured in Denver.

We met the group at the Clarkdale Historical Museum. This was once the clinic for the mining community. Clarkdale was started in 1912 so they are gearing up to their centennial celebrations in December. The museum is quaint and full of fantastic items. In the basement is one of the old jail cells.

Looking out over the Verde Valley from behind the museum.
Next door was the current police station, also part of the original dispensary of Clarkdale.
We were split up into groups of 9 or 10 and taken through the building by either the Chief of Police. Our leader told about hearing the door open and footsteps in the hallway. He's learned not to jump up and go look because he knows nobody will be there.

No matter where I visit I am drawn to the alleys, oldest buildings and backs of things.
This ghostly building backs up on "Suicide Alley" and is full of architectural interest. Rumored suicides and feelings of dread and sadness are reported here.

Everybody we met was helpful and friendly. We were taken on a tour of the Old Town with stories of speakeasy's, explosions, and epidemics. There are even stories of Al Capone being in the area.

Dinner at Su Casa was memorable for the talks about paranormal research, a dowsing workshop and lots of laughter and friendship.


At sunset we were at the Valley View Cemetery. You can just see Jerome on the hillside to the right.

After leaving Clarkdale we headed to Cottonwood which is just a couple of miles down the road. More to follow on our excursion in future posts.