Tattered Past

Tattered Past: My ongoing journey through genealogy, history, writing, self-exploration and art. ~~~ Rita Ackerman

Friday, June 29, 2012


Friends have been telling me they can't leave comments on my blog.
Not only that; they can sometimes leave them and sometimes not.
I've gone in and done everything I can think of to make it easy for my readers without opening it up to the spam I weed out on a regular basis.

So I'm asking a little favor. Please leave a comment on this post just by leaving your first name or initials. You can, of course, say more, but I want to see if I can get an idea of what is happening.

In return I wish you a happy, sunny day.

This is another one of my art journal spreads. I'll still add journaling when something comes to mind but for now I'm enjoying the colors.

Thank you.