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Monday, June 25, 2012

Computer Woes and A Children's Author

The best laid plans. I actually sat down last night and scanned a bunch of photographs I've been wanting to use for my blogs and also downloaded some photos I've been taking to share with you, my readers. That was all on my  desktop but I saved the photos onto a flash drive and into my MegaCloud file. I thought.

After I took care of a few things at home I packed up to spend the afternoon with my Barnes and Noble community and catch up on some writing. Somehow the flash drive I use for my photos became corrupted and I can't find them in my MegaCloud so here I am pictureless. I can only hope they are on my desktop but with a cookie and a large drink at hand I really don't want to go home and check. So its writing day.

I finished reading Ninth Ward a children's book written by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It was fantastic. Jewell is one of my favorite writers anyway but this book outshines them all. It is about a 12 year old girl, Lanesha, who lived in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans during Katrina. The story is of her survival and I will forever have the ending scenes in my mind when I need to be reminded of courage, hope and overcoming adversity.

You can learn more about Jewell and Lanesha here. Jewell is a novelist and is professor of Creative Writing and American Literature and Director of the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing at Arizona State University.

Jewell has a new blog about Lanesha and her new book, an historical fiction children's book. To learn more about her writing process and her tips for writing historical fiction visit her blog: Lanesha Says.

I've heard Jewell read from her books many times and she is amazing. She makes the wife of Fredrick Douglas, a voodoo queen and Lenasha all come to life through her amazing voice. I look forward to meeting her new character, Sugar. Thank you, Jewell, for so many memories.